Pressing The Send Key

It was Sunday night, at 9:47. I’ll never forget that time. For two weeks every time I read through my book I found a little something to change, but the little somethings were getting smaller and smaller. Finally I went through twice and each time I found less than five mistakes, and they were all one word changes that sounded a  little better rather than being someting wrong. I had written the submittal letter months before, but I spent a couple of nights looking over that too. And the Synopsis. I think of the synopsis as something about as pleasant as a root canal. But I made myself redo it until it was as good as I could make it. In the end, I was really kind of proud of it, kind of like sitting there and being good while the dentist has his fingers (and toys) in your mouth.

It had been ten months since I started. Ten months where every spare minute went into it. Ten months where soulmate did without me way too much. Ten months where at first all your friends are excited and want to know when you’re going to be through. Then they get tired of hearing. I think Marcy and Frank and Brittany and Widget and Eileen have been living in my head all this time. It was time for them to go home. Wherever home was for them.

 So it’s my novel, my book, my baby, 91,193 words; I’d spent blood, sweat, and tears on every one of the little devils, agonized over which expression got to make the final cut, which ones spoke loudly and which ones whispered. So now I’ve moved up a tiny level at the Romance Writers of America. I actually wrote a whole book and sent it in. A lot of people never get that far, so I feel truly blessed.

 Pressing the send button was one of those things where your tummy is doing flip-flops before you do it because you’re afraid you forgot something. It still keeps doing flip-flops afterwards because… because you might have forgot something or the publisher might not like your cover letter or they might not be in the market for what you wrote even though you thought they were… I didn’t expect that. Silly me. I thought I’d do my little happy dance when I sent it in and that would be it.


 One of these days I’ll hear something back. Until then…

Love, Erika

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3 Responses to Pressing The Send Key

  1. Flip flops might be the result of pressing that send button, but know that you are one step closer to being published. Just as every rejection in a stepping stone, you gotta have the courage to get it out there. Huge Congrats, Erika!

  2. Aw, congrats, Erika! Sending that first book out is HUGE. Now you need to do something important – start another book. Either a sequel to the first if it’s doable, or something completely different that you’re interested in. Either way, get the ball rolling again! A writer is only a writer if what they do is write…so write, baby!

    Congrats again, and hang in there!

  3. erikamoran says:

    Thank you both. I finished polishing a short story and resubmitted it to the same publisher. Next I’m working to send something I wrote into a contest for feedback, then on to the next story.

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