Reviews that made me smile

I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes this gets to be a tough proposition, this writing business. It takes hours and hours, sometimes I feel like I want to give up, sometimes the negative comments get to me.  Having a Celtic heritage doesn’t help either, unless I go break into the single-malt.  I finally got a break – I’m at a holding point for a few days with The Gambler, and I had one of those rare times for introspection. I’m in this because I love doing it. I have to remind myself of that.  The Pianist was ten months of every spare moment, much of the time still working on my craft. The Gambler, thus far, six months, finally feel like I’m getting closer. I’ve made money, I’m proud of that, but a lot less than my day job, Someday, my name in lights…

What I write is controversial, I recognize that. People have a right to their opinions and, other than the one review that was pure attack, the rest of the negative comments have been thought-provoking. Still, I needed something to balance them. I did something that got me back to a more centered feeling, ready to go out and kick ass and take names. I went through all my reviews and took the shining stars, the comments that really cheered me up, out of all of them. Then I put them in one place and read them, and re-read them, until it finally dawned on me. Hey, somebody out there loves what I do. It worked for me, try it, it might for you…

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