Happy Birthday Trip

Last Friday was my birthday, and Soulmate took me to a very nice casino in Carson Valley, a little town over the mountains in Nevada. We took the day off from the usual stuff we do around the ranch and instead gambled and gamboled and generally had a good time. But what I wanted to show you was the lovely ride we had. Instead of taking freeways to get where we wanted, we drove down a little back road that skirts Lake Tahoe, then drops down the back side of the Sierras into Nevada.

Tahoe 1This time of year that area is beautiful. I love the snow all over everything, even though this year there really hasn’t been as much as usual. The sunlight sparkled on the lake, each turn in the curvy road producing a vista more delightful than the last.

It is the awe-inspiring kind of view that leaves you quiet in the presence of the artistry of nature. There weren’t many people out, since we were riding along late in the morning, and we had the road to ourselves. The skiers wouldn’t be storming up for the weekend and the locals had already gone shopping. It was a quiet hour, we pointed out scenes beyond picturesque, smiling the whole time.

Finally the road runs away from the lake a little, climbing enough that more snow appeared around us. The road stayed dry and clear, so we didn’t have to worry about accidents, just take in the alluring sights around us.

Usually I carry an SLR, either the big Canon or the Nikon, but today all I have is the camera in my iPhone. It does a nice job, without having a huge weight hanging off my neck. We pass a number of small places. I can’t help but wonder what the people out this far do. These aren’t the traditional Tahoe cabin in the mountains, I think these people just live here full time. It isn’t that different from our place, just higher.

Finally we drop down to reach the valley floor three thousand feet below us, heading for our destination for the evening. This is the dry side, since all of the moisture drops out as snow or rain on the California side. It changes in the space of a few miles from snow covered greenery to the arid desert of Nevada.

We love spending our time here. It’s a quiet place, well, as quiet as a casino gets. It doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of its bigger sisters in Reno or Vegas. It was perfect for me to do a little research. I’ve played a lot of slots, but never done much at the tables. Since my next book is titled The Gambler, I needed a little view into the details, the little things that make writing come alive.

It was such a lovely ride I wanted to share it with you.

6 Responses to Happy Birthday Trip

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  2. robenagrant says:

    Lovely. I remember driving to RWA National in Reno back in…ah, 2006? Anyway I thought that whole area was breathtaking. Glad you had good weather for driving.

  3. Roz Lee says:

    What a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing, and a belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Janie Emaus says:

    Gorgeous country. My sister lives up there and seeing these photo made me anxious to get back up north

  5. Gorgeous – loved the photos. I like nothing more than taking long drives and enjoying the scenery.

    Happy Birthday forever young Erika!

  6. Nothing like being late to a party! First, Happy Birthday…belatedly.

    Second, I LOVE that area. In fact my husband and I visit the Lake Tahoe/Reno area quite frequently.

    When I see you, you’ll have to divulge your little casino. I’m curious to see if it’s one of my favorites in Northern Nevada.

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