Reviews that made me smile

Sometimes you get reviews that make you feel like you succeeded as a writer. I thought I’d share some of the nice things that people have said about my first book…

“Once I started this story, I couldn’t stop. I read well into the wee hours of the morning till I finished the story, because it was one of those stories that I just had to know how it all turned out.” – Sir’s Kitten, Goodreads and

“The psychological insight into her character as she changes from a spoiled, pampered seemingly vanilla young woman into an obedient “submissive” is especially well done. The reader can see the change occur and fully understand how and why. It feels very real”. – Cara Bristol, Goodreads

“Erika Moran’s Spanked Princesses: The Pianist was an enjoyable read for me. I was immediately drawn into the story… There was a strong build up to the ending, which was hot and sweet. I recommend this novel to anyone who likes a strong story with elements of [BDSM] and lots of F/F and eventually M/F spanking scenes.” – Sue Lyndon,

“I loved this book!!… You’ll feel as if you are there witnessing this story unfold.” – KissablySweetOne, Amazon

“Happily, Erika Moran’s The Pianist… is a rather sweet yet erotic tale of a young woman who learns not only to be a submissive to her husband but finds a talent and an unexpected life-changing experience as well.” – Pamela Turner, Amazon

“Ms. Moran is a powerful writer whose use of dialogue to drive the story is a thing of beauty…. The best way to read this book…is as a couple.  Guys, if your wife loves a good romance, but you have always longed for her to try something a bit more…buy her this book. Girls, if you love a good romance novel, the racier the better, then step over the line and explore yourself a little deeper. Grab your Kindle and the two of you snuggle under the covers with this erotic journey of a couple pushing the boundaries of love and intimacy. Then perhaps take a page from their book…talk about it, laugh about it and maybe even try a bit of it. Who knows where it might lead?” – Tara Neale,

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